Up to 9 hours of coverage

Highlight film (5-10 min)

Drone (if permitted)



Up to 12 hours of coverage

Highlight film (5-10 min)

Drone (if permitted)



Up to 12 hours of coverage

Feature film (15-20 min)

Ceremony & Speeches film

Drone (if permitted)


Your story, your way.

All packages include:

• filmmaking tailored to your personality & style by Matthieu Gill

• a pre-wedding consultation over video call, or in person in Glasgow

• top-notch, discreet camera & sound equipment

• a beautiful soundtrack with all licenses paid for

• online delivery via VidFlow

• professional videographer insurance


A complete documentary edit of your day. Chronological from prep to party, and including full ceremony & speeches. For those who want to sit back for an hour or two and watch their special day in full.

Includes extra footage that wouldn’t make it into a highlight or feature film.


A separate, full edit of the ceremony & speeches.


A 1-2min teaser of your day. Great for socials! Can be made vertical on request.


A 2nd filmmaker allows to capture even more of your day and cover, for example, both bride & groom prep instead of just either if they are in different locations.

I work with top associate filmmakers & matching equipment.


We can incorporate extra footage into your wedding film. This could be a stunning editorial scene with a recording of your vows, you two on a hike, ice skating… anything and everything!

From £250

Get your film delivered under 3 weeks.

Subject to availability.


I’m a French passport holder, meaning I can easily travel anywhere for your wedding. I’m also a native French speaker, and can handle Spanish if needed!

Get in touch for pricing details.